Kamen Rider Season 27 Episode 1 : I'm a Kamen Rider!

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Kamen Rider Season 27 Episode 1 : I'm a Kamen Rider!
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Title:Kamen Rider
Genre: Action & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Air Date: 2016-10-02
Season Number: 27
Episodes Number: 1
Overview: Emu, a clumsy pediatrics intern takes young Sota, who is suffering a mysterious illness, to the announcement event of the latest "Mighty Action X", Sota's favorite game. Emu became a medical doctor in order to save someone's life because his life had been saved once through surgery. However, a mysterious virus emerges from Sota's body and the event turns into chaos. Emu hears from Asuna, an employee of the Ministry of Health, that transforming into a Kamen Rider can save the patient. Emu takes on this "operation" and inserts the Mighty Action X Gashat into the Gamer Driver, transforming into Kamen Rider Ex-Aid!
Stars: Reina Kurosaki (Nico Saiba), , Hiroki Iijima (Emu "M" Houjou · Kamen Rider Ex-Aid), , Toshiki Seto (Hiiro Kagami · Kamen Rider Brave), , Ukyo Matsumoto (Taiga Hanaya · Kamen Rider Snipe), , Shouma Kai (Parado), , Ruka Matsuda (Asuna Karino / Poppy Pipopapo), , Hakata Hanamaru (Haima Kagami), , Hironobu Kageyama (Rider Gashat (voice)), , Junichi Suwabe (Narrator (voice)), , Tetsuya Iwanaga (Kuroto Dan),
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